Employment Immigration

Persons of national interest for the United States (EB-1 Visa) Under this category the following persons can apply:

  • highly-qualified persons of extraordinary ability in the fields of science, art, education, economics or sports (recipients of international awards, etc.)
  • outstanding professors and researchers
  • certain managers and executives in the area of multinational commerce

In this visa category it is not necessary to prove that there is no qualified American available to fill the position. Highly-qualified persons of extraordinary ability do not require a job offer, but professors, researchers, managers and executives must have an offer of employment.

Persons with extraordinary abilities (EB-2 Visa) This is further subdivided into 1) persons with a higher education degree, and 2) persons with extraordinary abilities in the areas of science, arts or commerce. The employment offer of a US-employer is a prerequisite. Additionally, an examination of the American job market is required, proving that no equally-qualified American would be available for the same position.

Academics, qualified personnel, employees (EB-3 Visa) In this category, qualified persons with higher education, qualified employees with at least two years work experience, and other employees with certain skills can apply if they have a job offer. After an examination of the U.S. job market proving that no equally-qualified Americans would be available for the same position, you can apply for a green card. Employees without particular skills should expect a long waiting period.

Religious workers (EB-4 Visa) Certain persons working in a religious field can also apply for a green card. However, unlike the nonimmigrant visa category R-1, to qualify for an EB-4 visa the applicant has to prove that s/he has at least two years prior experience as a religious worker for a church or community in their home country. Membership in a religious organization is not enough. This visa type is relatively easier to obtain than the others, as there is no requirement that the employer demonstrate that no qualified Americans can be found to fill the position.