Beantragung von Aufenthaltserlaubnissen und Arbeitserlaubnissen in den USA

About Me

Over 30 years of experience

In a career spanning over 30 years, first as a U.S. consular officer, and then as a private visa consultant, I have dealt with all types of U.S. visa and immigration issues.

About Me

Former U.S. Consular Officer

My name is Matthew Victor.  In my 20 year career as a U.S. consular officer I held high-level positions as Chief of the Visa Section at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw and Chief of the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.  Since 2009 I have been assisting clients as a private U.S. visa consultant.

Personalized Service and Understanding of the Visa Process from the Inside

I offer a unique service in the area of U.S. visas and immigration.  As a former consular officer, I have an intimate understanding of the visa process from the inside, and this allows me to design visa applications to maximize the chance of success.  Moreover, I have wide experience with all U.S. visa and immigration questions.  This makes it possible for me and my team to offer the best professional support, no matter what the issue.  However, not only do I have an expert command of issues from the insider’s perspective that sets my service apart. 

I also offer an accessible and personalized service that a law firm usually does not provide.

Matthew Victor
President and Founder of U.S. Visa Consulting
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