Beantragung von Aufenthaltserlaubnissen und Arbeitserlaubnissen in den USA

Non-Immigrant Visa

Navigating the Path to U.S. Visas: Expertise and Tailored Guidance

Business Visa

(B-1 Visa)

A business (B-1) visa allows the holder to travel to the United States for a variety of business purposes, such as consultation with business associates, attending a scientific, professional or business convention or conference, or negotiating a contract.  With the correct supporting documentation, a B-1 visa can also be used so install or service equipment or conduct work on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) of the United States. Like the B-2 visa, this visa usually has a validity of ten years. Applicants have to demonstrate what sort of business they will be conducting in the U.S., as well as strong ties to the home country. You are not allowed to perform work paid by a U.S. employer while on a B-1 visa.

Tourist Visa

(B-2 Visa)

Those wishing to spend a holiday in the United States to be with family or see tourist attractions qualify for a tourist visa.  The visa usually has a validity of ten years, and generally allows the holder to stay up to six months in the USA.  To qualify the applicant has to demonstrate strong ties to the home country as evidence of return upon completion of a short visit.

Looking to stay permanently?

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