KJ PictureDanke für das Verwirklichen meines amerikanischen Traumes. Zuerst haben Sie mir mit meinem GreenCard-Antrag geholfen, und jetzt habe ich meinen US-Paß! Sie sind die Besten: immer erreichbar, gut organisiert und gut informiert. – KARINA J., POSEN, POLEN


Thank you for all your help with my journalist visa application. You were knowledgeable and professional, and now I am free to accept assignments in the U.S. – THOMAS B., HANNOVER, GERMANY

I thought that I would never be able to legally live in the United States because I overstayed my visa. My husband and I talked to several law firms that said that it would be very, very difficult, and cost a lot of money. You created a blueprint for how I could qualify for a green card despite staying so long there, and were our guide through the whole process. – MONIKA Z., SZCZECIN, POLAND

Thanks a lot for your support through the whole visa process. You knew exactly what I needed to do and you were always available to answer my questions no matter how big or small. Now that I am living in the U.S., I can really develop the business, and my family is happy to be living the American dream.- MARCO M., VENTURINA, ITALY

I wanted to thank you for all the assistance help with my E-2 investment visa application. At the beginning I was completely overwhelmed by everything, but you patiently explained step by step what I needed to do to set up the business and qualify for the visa. Thanks to you, my wife and I are starting our new life in Florida. It is a dream come true. – FRANK P., BERLIN, GERMANY

KV-Photo_smYou did a great job with my citizenship application. I am completely satisfied. Thanks for everything. – KAROL V., PARIS, FRANCE